In–House Coach Training Programs

Developing accredited internal professional coaches will create a cadre of people who can support the performance and development of individuals at all levels. They will also be able to drive coach development programms and the introduction of a coaching culture.

Summary of Programs

Executive Coaching Certificate

A 2-day introduction to executive coaching for corporate leaders and key managers

This executive coaching certificate program is designed to provide awareness and experience of coaching. Organizations who want to get the best out of their people choose this course to equip key management with core executive coaching skills.

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate

Cutting edge team coaching competence with a recognised professional qualification for experienced coaches

This Systemic Team Coaching Program is suitable for experienced coaches who wish to develop their team coaching competence and gain a recognized professional qualification.

The program is delivered by our most experienced senior trainers, leaders in their field and operating at the cutting edge of effective team coaching methodology.

Corporate Professional Development

Coaches are expected to invest in the region of 40 hours per year on average on professional development. The AoEC can provide opportunities for further development from a wide range of workshops and short courses which your staff can attend or can be delivered in- house.

Executive Coaching Supervision

Expert help to train, support and develop your in-house executive coaching supervision capability.

Executive Coaching Supervision plays a crucial role in the support and development of internal coaches. Because of the additional complexity inherent in the internal coaching role adequate supervision is even more critical to ensure success. Our services include provision of appropriately qualified and accredited supervisors.