Fundamentals of coaching for Managers and Leaders, Introductory Event for Organizations

Whether you are new to coaching, considering developing a coaching culture or creating an internal pool of executive coaches within your organization, this exclusive program will help to guide you through the essential first steps.

If your goal is to:

  • Improve performance
  • Develop effective team management skills
  • Use coaching to retain talent
  • Improve the engagement and motivation
  • Enhance overall communication
  • Equip managers and leaders with coaching skills to use in their daily
  • This valuable program is designed specifically for Managers and Leaders who would like to take up the challenge of developing and improving their executive coaching skills with the support of the AoEC; a global leader in executive coach training and executive coaching for 12 years

Program content and delivery

This program includes:

  • Basic understanding of What is Coaching?
  • Difference between Managing and Coaching
  • Application within the workplace
  • Difference between Managerial and Coaching conversation
  • Interactive exercises to engage the clarify the understanding of executive coaching
  • Fundamental coaching skills practice


$ 1,500.

Following the 2 hour session, the participants can continue developing their coaching skills by taking the next step and attending the AoEC Executive Coaching Certificate program.

The Executive Coaching Certificate Program

The program provides managers with a range of coaching knowledge, tools and techniques to help them to release the potential and maximize the performance of individuals and teams. Participants will:

  • Experience and understand the uses, benefits and disadvantages of different styles of managing people 
  • Recognize their own preferred style 
  • Develop their facilitation skills and their ability to conduct supportive and challenging coaching conversations with their people 
  • Be able to use the skills learned and their 'manager as coach' style immediately, back in the workplace

What next?

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