Terms and Conditions for Participants

1. Definitions 

  • 1.1 ‘AoEC’ means the Academy of Executive Coaching Ltd., operated by Global Business Therapy, s.r.o.
    1.2 ‘Applicant’ means an individual or company who wishes to enroll in an AoEC event.
    1.3 ‘Participant’ means an individual or company who has submitted an Application, whose payment has been received (where relevant) and who has been accepted onto the event.
    1.4 ‘Course’ and ‘Program’ are used interchangeably and mean the entire training program for which a single fee is charged and to which an applicant commits.
    1.5 ‘Module’ means one or more consecutive training days that make up a series of non-consecutive training events to form a single course or programme.
    1.6 ‘Start of Programmeans the calendar day of the first day of the program or course.
    1.7 ‘Start of Advanced Program’ is the Orientation Module.
    1.8 ‘Event’ means any time the AoEC sponsors an in-person opportunity for others for free or for a fee.
    1.9 ‘Workshop’ means a stand-alone training course or program.

2. Prices 

  • 2.1 Fees are correct at time of printing. However, AoEC reserves the right to adjust these prices in order to meet their true cost. 

3. Payment Terms 

  • 3.1 All payments must be made in advance of the start of the program, with the exception of late applicants.
    3.2 Without payment, applicant is not booked onto the course and cannot attend.
    3.3 It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm his/her place by forwarding payment.
    3.4 A place on a Program is not confirmed until full payment has been received, unless otherwise stated in the offer letter or invoice.
    3.5 Full payment is due within 30 days from the date of the Invoice or at least 30 days prior to the start of a course, whichever is the sooner.
    3.5.1 Exception: For all Modular Programs, part of the payment may be made by Standing Order subject to a signed written agreement and confirmation by the AoEC.
    3.6 Payment can be made by check, credit/debit card or bank transfer.
    3.7 Interest will be charged at the rate of 8% above the European Union Base Rate for late payment.
    3.8 To qualify for Early Bird pricing incentives or group incentives, payment in full must be received by the specified Early Bird date. The full published program price will become payable if payment is not received by this specified date. Group incentives only apply if all participants confirm and participate.

4. Transfers 

  • 4.1 If transfer is allowed for a program and should Participant wish to transfer to a later Program and if the transfer is possible, the AoEC has a policy to apply charges depending on the length of notification given in writing.
    4.2 Oral notification will not be accepted.
    4.3 Written notification (by email or post) must be received within normal office working hours and receipt acknowledged by AoEC.
    4.4 The transfer option only applies to Participants who are transferring to a different date for the same type of Program in the same AoEC partner subsidiary.
    4.5 Participants must specify their choice of transfer date at the time of transfer. If a program is not available, the request for transfer is considered a cancellation.
    4.6 The option to transfer can only be used once, after which non-attendance will be treated as a cancellation and all payments will be due.
    4.7 If a Participant uses the transfer option, the original Program invoice and the transfer invoice remain due, if the transfer reservation is subsequently cancelled the standard AoEC cancellation penalties will apply.
    4.8 Program transfer requests received:
    4.8.1 more than 30 days in advance of the start of the program -- no charge
    4.8.2 15 to 30 days in advance of the start of the program -- 30% transfer charge of full program fee
    4.8.3 less than 15 days in advance of the start of the program -- 60% transfer charge of full program fee.

5. Cancellation by Participant 

  • 5.1 Notice of cancellation from a Program must be in writing (by email or post) and must be received within normal business hours and receipt acknowledged by AoEC.
    5.2 Oral notification will not be accepted.
    5.3 Cancellations received:
    5.3.1 more than 60 days in advance of the start of the program -- no cancellation penalty
    5.3.2 30 to 60 days in advance of the start of the program -- 30% cancellation penalty
    5.3.3 15 to 30 days in advance of the start of the program -- 60% cancellation penalty
    5.3.4 14 to 7 days in advanced of the start of the program – 75% cancellation penalty and for all international programs outside of Europe 100%
    5.3.5 less than 7 working days in advance of the start of the program -- 100% cancellation penalty
    5.4 Exceptions for natural disaster, documented illness or death may apply.

6. Cancellation or Changes by AoEC 

  • 6.1 The AoEC reserves the right to cancel Events, Programs or Workshops as necessary. If an Event, Program or Workshop has to be cancelled, the AoEC will make every reasonable effort to reschedule to an alternative date and will automatically move confirmed bookings to the alternative date. The AoEC will provide the Applicant with as much notice as is possible given the circumstances for the date change. Notice will be given in writing (email or post).
    6.2 If a Participant is unable to attend the alternative date, the AoEC will provide a full refund for the amount paid for the Event, Program or Workshop.
    6.3 The AoEC reserves the right to cancel Events, Programs or Workshops, revise dates, times and fees or substitute facilitators or attending faculty as necessary.
    6.4 If the AoEC changes the venue of an Event, Program or Workshop, even at short notice, the AoEC will not reimburse travel or accommodation costs, associated with changes. 

7. Substitutions 

  • 7.1 Depending on the circumstances, the AoEC may agree to switch a Participant who is booked onto a Program or Workshop with another Participant from the same organization or company. A fee of 10% of the total cost of the Program or Workshop will be charged to make the changes. 

8. Not Happy with the Event, Program or Workshop 

  • 8.1 If Participant is unhappy with the Event and feels that it does not meet the description given on the AoEC website and Participant notifies the facilitator by end of first day of the program or workshop, a refund may be given for the Program or Workshop. The reasons for dissatisfaction must be given in written form and deemed reasonable by the AoEC.
    8.2 Non-attendance at the event disqualifies a Participant from any refund. 
    8.3 In no circumstances shall AoEC’s liability (if any) under these Terms and Conditions exceed the amount paid by the appropriate Participant.

9. Codes of Conduct 

  • 9.1 The AoEC holds a policy for the code of conduct for Participants and for Facilitators. Should this code of conduct be broken, resulting in damages, AoEC does not hold responsibility or is liable for the conduct of a participant or any damages related to or caused by a participant. AoEC reserves the right to withdraw facilities from, withhold academic awards and terminate a place on the relevant program or workshop. 

10. Governing Law 

  • 10.1 All programs conducted for AoEC are conducted by Global Business Therapy, s.r.o.; therefore, all terms and conditions fall under the laws of the Czech Republic.