About the AoEC

The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) was established AoEC in 1999 by renowned Gestalt psychologist, executive coach, leadership trainer and author John Leary-Joyce (The Fertile Void, AoEC publishing) and has been training coaches ever since. Headquartered in London, AoEC operates worldwide, with an international staff of physiologists, certified executive and team coaches, leadership trainers and experienced executives as its trainers and tutors. All of our staff has international experience, and this helps set us apart from other training institutions.

Since its inception, the AoEC has been committed to maintaining the highest professional standards, becoming the only European coach training company to be accredited by the three top professional bodies, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association of Coaching (AC), as well as validated by Middlesex University. We can therefore offer you professional and academic credentials that will be recognized internationally.

Our USA global partner in New England is Kimberli J. Lewis (Global Business Therapy s.r.o.). Kimberli has 22 years executive international C level management experience, is a certified executive and team coach, leadership trainer and author.

AoEC conducts Coaching Certification programs throughout New England. Our programs include:

  • Executive Coaching Certification Boston
  • Executive Coaching Certification Providence
  • Executive Coaching Certification Maine
  • Executive Coaching Certification New Hampshire
  • Systemic Team Coaching Certification Boston
  • Systemic Team Coaching Certification Providence
  • Systemic Team Coaching Certification Maine
  • Systemic Team Coaching Certification New Hampshire

The International Coaches Federation with either CCE or ACSTH accreditations accredits all AoEC courses. All AoEC classes are conducted in person, with experienced staff. At AoEC, all our certifications are conducted in personal workshops; we believe that to learn coaching and leadership is much more effective and valuable when it is done in person.